Used technology: AngularJS, CSS, HTML, PHP

A fully functional application for easy and convenient photo sharing.
The project was fully realized by me some time ago. However, I still think that it is a good project and the application itself is valuable. I opted for a minimalist UI that was easy to use

Generally, „GekonShare” addresses the problems of uploading photos to friends.

Main functions:

  • the application automatically scales uploaded photos to 1920px to avoid sending large files over the network
  • User creates an album and can share it with his friends, the shared album is automatically deleted after 30 days. Thanks to this, the user does not have to remember to delete the photos as well as the files do not remain on the servers
  • The user can set whether the shared album is protected with a password and whether it is possible to share photos on FB directly from the album
  • Easily add people authorized to view the album (contact list), these people receive an email with a link and password to the album
  • A person viewing the gallery can mark the photos they are interested in and download them as a zip file

I am proud of this project, especially the mechanism for resizing photos before uploading them to the server, and the functionality of automatically deleting albums after 30 days. I wanted to create an application that would be easy to use even by elderly people who are not computer proficient on a daily basis. As I was able to find out later, my goal was achieved.

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